The Challenges

You know that you need to save for your retirement. You’re given a deferred retirement account at work, but you have no idea what to invest in and you’re afraid of putting your money in the market. So, you don’t.

You wonder what would happen if you died and left your family with all this debt and little income to pay the bills.

To make matters worse, one of your children has a severe mental health issue or developmental issue or physical issue and would not be able to take care of himself or herself if no parent was living.

You don’t trust the financial advisors, because they have just been known to sell you something and not provide you with the caring and personal advice that you really need with your life changing concerns.

The Solutions

Your best interest is always first at Financial Decision Partners, LLC. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and experienced, caring professionals work with you through your life changing concerns with expertise in retirement planning, investment management, insurance planning, tax planning, and estate planning.

Financial Decision Partners, LLC is not your common, run of the mill, financial planning firm. Our mission is to provide you with the vision, service, and pathways to secure your future.

We accomplish our mission by listening to you. Then, we provide you with competent, caring, professional advice. We are not looking for the sale, because you are not a transaction to our team. We value working with you in your walk through life. Your life changing concerns are challenges, not impossibilities. Our team provides you the vision to see the difference.

The Financial Decision Partners team welcomes you and your challenges.